The Mik Maks Summer Time January Tour is coming to you!

ATTENTION: Warrnambool, Ballarat, Lilydale, Shepparton and Wodonga

This January The Mik Maks will be performing in a town near you. (See below for locations and dates.) Tickets are limited and bookings are essential.
Each ticket booked includes a child’s meal after the show and tickets begin at just $15 per child. Ticket price may vary for each venue.
To book or for enquiries PLEASE CALL the below venues.
All shows begin at 11am. Warrnambool is running two shows across the day at 11am and 2pm.

Wednesday 15th Jan – Lilydale International – Lilydale  (03) 9735 0555 ·

Thursday 16th Jan – Raffertys Tavern – Warrnambool   (03) 5561 1888

Friday 17th Jan – Robin Hood Hotel – Ballarat  (03) 5331 3348

Tuesday 21st Jan – Peppermill Inn – Shepparton   (03) 5823 1800

Wednesday 22nd Jan – Blazing Stump Hotel – Wodonga  (02) 6024 2041

Lilydale International,

Rafferty’s Tavern

Robin Hood Hotel

Peppermill Inn

Blazing Stump

You can meet the Mik Maks after the show at their meet and greet. Get a photo with your favorite Mik Mak or give Drums the Panda a huge high five!  Furthermore, you can request your favorite Mik Mak song and enjoy a meal after the show.

The Mik Maks Summer Time January Tour is the perfect way to bring the family together these summer holidays.

The Mik Maks Summer Time January Tour

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