The Mik Maks Digging Machines is now Available for Pre Sale

Digging Machines Pre Sale

Be the very first to hear The Mik Maks brand new song ‘Digging Machines’ on streaming services such as Spotify, iTunes and Google Music.

This catchy tune is all about exploring a construction site and driving your favourite digging machine.  Could it be an Excavator, Dump Truck, Grader or Bulldozer.  Let your imagination run wild as you grade, dig, shift, plant and build to get the job done with friends.

To make sure you’re the very first to hear Digging Machine, click the link below and select your preferred listening platform. The song is due to be released this Friday 31st July.

Digging Machines Pre Sale

The Mik Maks Brand New Song Digging Machines

Brand New Song The Mik Maks

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Recently, The Mik Maks have reached the incredible milestone of 1,000,000,000 YouTube views.  Kids around the world are going nuts for their music clips and catchy songs.  The band of brothers and loveable friend Drums the Panda also perform a live stream show on Facebook every Saturday morning Australian EDST at 8am.

Frontman Joel said, ‘Our fans have been asking for a Digging Machine song for quite some time now. This songs really allows the kids to explore their imaginations to be working on a construction site driving large machines.’

The film clip to Digging Machines can also be found on YouTube.