This Saturday morning The Mik Maks and Street Science team up to perform a FREE LIVE STREAM to celebrate National Science Week. This years Science Week theme is Deep Blue: innovation for the future of our ocean.

Entertainment dynamo’s The Mik Maks are partnering with the incredible Street Science to perform a Live Stream this Saturday morning the 8th day of the 8th month at 8am! That’s a lot of 8’s!
The Live Stream can be seen on both The Mik Maks and Street Science Facebook pages and The Mik Mak YouTube channel. See links below.

Be taken on a musical and scientific underwater adventure through the Deep Blue. You never know where a Mik Mak show will take you!

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Who are Street Science?

Street Science provides captivating and curriculum-aligned school incursions and community entertainment, to excite and engage Australia’s youth! They inspire the next generation of scientists through high-energy science stage shows and engaging hands-on workshops.
It is their mission to engage more Australian kids in science education by making it fun, meaningful and providing links to real-world situations.
Discover Street Science here: Street Science

Watch Live Stream Here:

Watch Here
Watch Here


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