The Centre For Perinatal Health and Parenting Ballarat is officially open for business.

Come and help them celebrate the official Centre Launch and Open Day on Saturday 28th of March from 11am – 3pm.  33 Masada Blvd, Winter Valley.

There will be loads of fun activities and entertainment, including …. the amazing and very talented children’s band, The Mik Maks.

The Mik Maks are a National award winning band of brothers that perform their live shows all across the country.  Kids go NUTS for their music and their YouTube channel has now had 500,000,000 views!!  Keep an eye out for their incredibly talented drummer, Drums the Panda. His drum solo must be seen to be believed!

Kids can meet Al, Joel and Panda after the show. Grab a high-five or a photo with The Mik Maks and don’t forget to request your favorite song during the show.

In addition to The Mik Maks, The Centre For Perinatal Health and Parenting is very proud to announce that Olivia Shalders will also be performing as well. Olivia is a talented soloist with a passion for performing. She is very much looking forward to sharing her talents with you all. In a twist of fate Olivia is also a cousin of Joel and Al from The Mik Maks.

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