Play – CD

We dedicate this album to our little brother Deano, who played a major role in writing and shaping the sound of these songs.

Our long awaited 4th album is here! The album ‘Play’ is a collection of Mik Mak songs that we have performed live over the past 18 months as well as some brand new songs that have never been heard.
Featuring the chart topping ‘We Brush Our Teeth’ and ‘Looking at the Clouds” as well as some live show fav’s like ‘The Caterpillar Song’ and ‘Hello Hello’.

Track Listing

1. Hello Hello
2. Play
3. The Caterpillar Song
4. Looking at the Clouds
5. Pack Up
6. We Brush Our Teeth
7. Tooth Fairy
8. The Opposite Song
9. The Night Time Animal Song
10. Crocodile on a Surfboard
11. Night of Halloween
12. Im a Kid (for Max)