The Mik Maks

Bringing the ‘ROCK’ to Kids Music!

The Mik Maks

Bringing the ‘ROCK’ to Kids Music!

who are we?

Five years ago brothers Joel and Al decided to write a kids song. It was to entertain their own children and their children’s friends while on summer holidays. The kids loved it, so along with their lovable friend ‘Drums the Panda’ they wrote many more songs! Now the brothers music is streamed by over 1 million kids each day! Original, fresh and completely unique The Mik Maks are putting the ‘Rock’ into kids music.

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The Mik Maks music engages children through movement and color as well as provides a welcome relief to parents with a real country rock influence shining through their songs.


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Live Shows –  See US in concert!

The Mik Maks ROCK Lake Bolac

The date of The Mik Maks ROCK Lake Bolac is now set. Kids entertainment dynamo's The Mik Maks return home for a special one off appearance at Lake Bolac Town Hall.  The Mik Maks ROCK Lake Bolac is proudly presented by Lake Bolac Kindergarten as their major fundraising...

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A Very Liebig Christmas

Christmas celebrations are set to begin with A Very Liebig Christmas happening in Warrnambool. Local traders and Warrnambool City Council invite you attend this family friendly free event. Liebig Street is the thriving heart of Warrnambool city. Having recently...

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The story behind The Mik Maks

Why we do what we do.

“Our mother Pamela instilled the love of music and performance in us from an early age. Family gatherings would involve a lot of guitars, singing and carrying on like pork chops! It was at one such gathering that we decided to write a song for our children. One hour later of creative fun ‘Bruce the Hairy Crocodile’ was born”.

“From that moment we were hooked. We could see instantly the joy it gave to the people around us. We love bringing families together through music. We love hearing stories of entire families dancing in the kitchen or singing along together in the car. That is why we do what we do”.

Eighteen months ago the Mik Mak family suffered the enormous loss of youngest brother and pink Mik Mak Deano.  After a period of mourning and absence from the stage The Mik Maks once again performed due to the overwhelming support of their fan base. 'The incredible support we received was truly overwhelming and gave us the courage to continue doing what we love,' commented Joel.

'The Mik Mak music also gives us an opportunity to stay connected with and develop the incredible work Deano had previously done. There's a little piece of Deano in everything we do. We're incredibly grateful for this.' Stated Al.

Currently, The Mik Maks YouTube Channel has had 270,000,000 views and their latest released song debuted at number 2 on the Australian children’s ITunes charts. The band have released 3 albums and 2 Live DVD’s.  More songs are in the creative pipeline with a new album due to be released in late 2019.

The Mik Maks own children play a very active role in many of their clips and song writing process.  Known as 'The Mini Maks' this tribe of talented young performers feel right at home on stage or on the screen.


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